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Ben Woodard - Dark vitalism:a mix of weird fiction and sci-fi with speculative philosophy and biology to diagnose and explicate the metaphysical and literal sliminess of human existence

Joyce Mansour - Like the eagle at daybreak, Death swallows the dew, The snake smothers the rat, The nomad under his tent listens to the time screeching, On the gravel of insomnia, Everything is there waiting for a word already stated, Elsewhere

Pam Benjamin dives into the lives of four bike messengers who kill corporate people for money. An episodic journey reads like a television series with vivid images and strikingly graphic dialogue

Aaron Teel - Pink flamingos with missing heads, stray huskies, overgrown toddler without a shirt, trash bag flapping, bologna sandwiches, MTV, wood panel walls, a mobile home full of angels, Texas drawl, shit-filled Underoos, dildo in a swimming pool, RV’s, a busted La-Z-Boy, a greasy ball cap, plastic vodka bottle and a lot of other THINGS