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Lex Brown - a high stakes action-adventure thriller about sibling loyalty, robot studs, and drones that takes the reader to the edge of sexual possibility, making them reconsider what turns them on.

Will Eaves - a miniature but infinite novel. neither a novel nor a poetry collection, nor a volume of short stories. It’s more of a random catalogue of 21st-century scenarios, queries, complaints and observations

Hannes Bajohr - 'Timidities' repurposes text gathered from the internet (erotic amateur fiction, BDSM forum posts, and sex advice) to create something that is - at once - powerful, tender, playful and poignant

Shane Jesse Christmass - A novel. A series of itinerant scenes set in Washington, Manhattan. Science Fiction. Body. Manhattan. Arrival @ JFK. Death lands. Police Siren. Paper strainer. Fingers. Sheets. Banks. Newspaper. Alms box.