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Jan Millsapps - Three women – three generations – all linked by a mysterious journal, one man, and the enigmatic planet Mars

Fanny Howe - classics whose characters wrestle with serious political and metaphysical questions against the backdrop of urban, suburban, and rural America

Matt Longabucco - A collection of savage directives from some other time, some other heterotopic helios. Half heartbroken, half ever-hopeful — for the heat of smoky nights, the hot wind of the road, the heartstrings of lyricists and lovable liars alike

Nicholas Rombes - a slippery, mysterious study of a rare-film librarian, living now in isolation on the fringe of the Wisconsin wilds, and those movies, or moments from movies, or film-stills culled from movies, that have managed to linger with him through the years. It is a gorgeous, ambient, layered story of obsession, the creative mind, and the effects of film on our lives.