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Anthony Madrid - Allusive, oracular, heretical, brash, learned, apocalyptic, astronomical, funny, lustful, and deceptively wise poetry. A book of ghazals that assault conventions while often reading like deranged love letters

Andrew Morgan - a world of violence, loss, and need. Much akin to the tattered diary of a lost soldier, this book is a type of meditation. It is a gorgeously drawn portraiture of how we function within uncertainties and devastation

Shira Dentz narrates a fairy-tale-like story, “perhaps / a fairy tale,” of a young woman’s trials with her shapeshifting psychotherapist, Dr. Abe. Part lizard, part whale, part Macy’s Day balloon, Dr. Abe is a big man with narrow tongue, “but really it was such a narrow tongue.” Dr. Abe’s office is a veritable forest with its brambly hedges, placid buffalos, quick meadows, and spider plants

Cassandra Troyan - Her narratives form a feedback loop with the sound a human brain makes as she squishes it under her boot: Please don’t tell anyone I’m crazy. I couldn’t bear for people to be collectively and overly concerned.