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AD Jameson - Stories like dreams, leading the reader into an alternate universe, but also back to the author as a mysterious and malignant force

The Speculative Turn – To depart from the text-centered hermeneutic models of the past and engage in speculations about the nature of reality itself

Kellie Wells - He wanted to feel those feathers, to feel them brush his knees and open the closed places in his body, pass through him like hot nails

Mick Farren -Vinnie wants to sell me Hitler's Brain, The Aztec Calendar Just Ran Out, Just a Poor Dogpoet Who Finds Himself Locked Out Of The Cathouse

Jenni Fagan - Homage to 17. century Chinese poetry, pornography in a Scottish caravan park, murder, armed robbery, Elvis, native Indians, coal mines

Amy Hempel - What seems dangerous often is not, while things that just lie there, like this beach, are loaded with jeopardy