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Melpomene - perhaps the first novel that was purportedly written by a computer.

Jean Paulhan - His language is painstakingly precise, with the narrators often retracing their linguistic steps in order to clarify the exact nuances of their descriptions. The result is that the things and images being described are rendered nearly inane. Paulhanwas decades ahead of his time: a fully formed postmodernist writing during the overtures of modernism

Martin Riker - When Samuel Johnson dies, he finds himself in the body of the man who killed him, unable to depart this world but determined, at least, to return to the son he left behind. Moving from body to body as each one expires, Samuel’s soul journeys on a comic quest through an American half-century, inhabiting lives as stymied, in their ways, as his own

Christopher Norris - Hunchback ‘88 is a book... or a novel mirror of haunted house ferox... or a puzzle in no rush to be solved... or a plot dug in ocean mist... or a moment that exists between flesh-stab and blood... or a cannibal moon of terror... or an oozing artifact

Gil Orlovitz - "After struggling with its gimmicks of style... its elaborate streams of consciousness... its absolute jungle and jumble of words, I've come to the conclusion that it would take me ten years to understand"