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Shaun Prescott - 'The Town' offers an experience of profound estrangement, not only from place and landscape, identity and community, but from reading a book, and perhaps even from meaning itself. Prescott is commendably unafraid to wander in among the tangled paradoxes Murnane has left lying in the field for him,

Carlos de Oliveira - If upon the first reading I was sure that Finisterra was an extraordinary book, after reading it for the second time I knew that it was a timeless masterpiece. There is nothing like it not only in Portuguese letters, but also in world literature as a whole.

Philip Best charts the shattered psychic landscape of the early 21st century in all its eerieness, wonder and confusion. 'Alien Existence’ is sure to both disturb and enchant

Will Bernardara Jr - Simultaneously a novella of stunning and sudden hyperviolence, an all-too-brief examination of cultural, pharmacological, and emotional dis-ease and disturbance, and a comprehensive demonological treatise. Unsettling, unnerving,

Ignacio Matte Blanco hypothesized the nature of unconscious logic, as opposed to conscious logic. He deduced that if the unconscious has consistent characteristics it must follow rules, or there would be chaos. However the nature of these hypothetical characteristics indicates that their rules differ from conventional logic.