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Hernán Rivera Letelier - From the lovingly, baroquely detailed descriptions of Providencia and its workers and management to the long, twisted digressions on the prophet’s life story, with liberal borrowings from Nicanor Parra, to the dark phantasmagoria of the final chapters

Brenda Coultas unearths the eccentricities and tragedies that congregate along humanity’s borders: vanished nations, the mutable names of rivers, the clues left behind when families disperse; terror and beauty, the banalized crimes of complicity, the diversions of superstition—but also the persistence of clairvoyance

Agnieszka Kuciak - a faux anthology of 21 invented poets, with their poems and biographical notes.Mystical, mischievous, and musical

Hanne Lippard - an impressive and equally idiosyncratic practice based at the meeting point of words, performance and visual art. At times graphic, playful and intimate, this is an artist using language in all its forms in an effort to create an original aesthetic of the word

Typo magazine 18 - Venezuelan Poetry: 1921-2001

Sarah Fox - The First Flag is a mystic alimentary, blood, bone, and pearl poetics—utterly engaging in its seductive conversational tone. It’s a luminescent accomplishment, lush with decay, exploding with impossible meldings of stench and shimmer