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Misha Pam Dick - Büchner flees 19th century Germany, juggling Spinoza and Descartes and churning out a few plays and a novella; Dick paces around 21st century New York City, thinking through Büchner in the context of our surveillance state governing the ‘white-supremacist-capitalist patriarchy’

The Filatory - re-creating the impulse of secret societies in an age of instant exposure to all kinds of thought. A pandemonic response to the apollonian data-networks. Swarm-written by a legion of damned souls crawling their way through Negarestanian worm-holes to gather in a global conspiracy for committing a multitude of sins

Gabriel Blackwell - Dubbed a commonplace book—a collection of quotations to analyse a subject—Blackwell swirls memoir, fiction, film criticism, and quotes from such figures as W.G. Sebald and Rebecca Solnit, to create a kind of melancholic kaleidoscope (much like Vertigo’s title sequence)