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Mark Leyner - Hyperkinetic shaman, he has invented a language with which to render the insanity and self-referentiality of our contemporary culture

Kathleen Ossip's poems occur in the charged space between journal entry, social history, philosophical treatise and dream: Do we want to understand poems, or do we want poems that understand us?

Bruno Jasieński - An exquisite example of literary Futurism and Catastrophism, the novel presents a filthy, degenerated world where factories and machines have replaced the human and economic relationships have turned just about everyone into a prostitute

Black Letters Unleashed – Purple humour, desperate beauty and improbable blasphemies: an anthology of more extraordinary strain of German literature, visionaries, mannerists and extremists of all sorts

Karl O. Knausgaard - A luminous flight of fancy on the nature of angels, man and God + a six-volume literary epic based on his family and, in particular, his relationship with his father