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Franklin Mason - It is Paris and the Twenties again and Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway are much alive. Hemingway again has four wives but this time all at the same time. But that doesn't keep him from running off to Pamplona with Miss Stein and running with the bulls. There's a party at Sara and Gerald Murphy's that is strangely like one of Gatsby's

Jay Marvin - Punk Noir. The first great crime writer of the 21st century, who dips his pen into warm blood and shattered bone and paints his unflinching view of how it is out there. An honest voice in an age of whining, emotionless hacks

Judy Lopatin - Seventeen stories tell of a rock singer's experiences with men, ghosts, painters, prostitutes, photographers, murderers, the Paris underworld, and secret lives

Tommy Hazard - 'Takeaway' takes the form of a spoken ghostwritten memoir reminiscent of gangster memoirs and celebrity autobiographies, but gives the format over to a funny, cynical London ambulance driver

Melissa Lee-Houghton - a sharp shot of misanthropy and degeneracy. The often-bleak reality is the price worth paying for continued access to the dual desires that rule them - each other, and heroin.