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Xanthi Barker - The “things” Len, a roofer in London, wants back include his smashed-up “Green Goddess” van, the last three months of his life, his sturdy knuckles, his favourite corduroy shirt, his daughter as a baby, and “ah fuck” — later clarified as being his much loved ex-wife, Violet

Jack Black - The favorite book of William Burroughs. A journey into the hobo underworld, freight hopping around the still Wild West, becoming a highwayman and member of the yegg (criminal) brotherhood, getting hooked on opium, doing stints in jail or escaping, often with the assistance of crooked cops or judges

Manifestos for the Internet Age - a reader that collects manifestos of computer culture, starting with Ted Nelson, through the GNU Manifesto and the Hacker Manifesto, up to current influential positions such as the Critical Engineering Manifesto, the 3D Additivist Manifesto and the Xenofeminist Manifesto

Marc Nash - This fiendishly complicated story is made even tougher by its tricksy prose, but it’s not hard to admire its daring

Juan José Millás - A nicotine- and porn-addicted Spanish misanthrope secretly lives in the closet of a family of strangers. Middle-aged and just laid off from his dead end janitorial job, he wanders Madrid’s streets alone, imagining himself as an interview subject—and figure of ridicule—on a saucy talk show