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Mário de Carvalho - a fascinating tale of political rivalries, war, religion, philosophy, and social unrest in the twilight of the Roman Empire

Haroldo de Campos - As a poet and as a cofounder of the renowned group Noigandres, de Campos has made a unique and substantial contribution to the theory and practice of experimental writing, particularly the form known as concrete poetry, and to the Latin American avant-garde as a whole

Paul van Ostaijen - Poetry is not: thought, spirit, well-tuned phrases, it is neither doctoral nor dad. It is only a game of words anchored in the metaphysical

Anna Kostreva - A book of experimental non-fiction on travel and cities in East Asia

Naiyer Masud - Imagine that a single arch is all that remains of a once grand and storied building, and say that a story might be like that arch: spare, precise, singular, open, a portal affording a glimpse of an elaborate past and an uncertain future, of this world and a dream world beyond