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The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature - Imagine that you’ve just read the most amazing book you’ve ever encountered

The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature, Ben Segal, Erinrose Mager, eds. Cow Heavy Books, 2011.

„This book is a catalog of textual desire, of wished-for and ideal books as described by a diverse collection of writers, critics, and text-makers. The maligned blurb form herein becomes, time and again, the entryway into unreadable books and the anticipation that comes before opening them.
"A tour de force of dust-jacket discourse! A torrid farce of rocking back-cover back-patting! . . . Or so I imagine, not yet having ventured into this flurry of blurbs for non-existent masterpieces, a fierce tear through conceptual imagination, an idea vibrating with enviable potential energy." -Troy Patterson

„Consider this: at various points during the last 150 years, painting has been said to be on its deathbed. The nineteenth century emergence of photography required that painting justify itself. Other forms, like collage, sculpture, video, and installation art cut into p…

No Collective - Tweaking of concert flyers (giving different starting time for each flyer...), contrivances to make each person a “solo” audience...

No Collective, Concertos, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011.

"A musical notation can either describe an event that has already happened or prescribe an event to be performed by the reader. No Collective's (You Nakai. et al.) Concertos, the second book in the Emergency Playscript Series, uses both description and prescription to notate a musical performance. The original Concertos premiered in 2008 in Tokyo, performed by four musicians, a dog, a bird, and several guests. The playscript evokes the original piece while embedding the experience of reading the playscript into any subsequent performances of the piece."

"No Collective (You Nakai, et al.) makes music performances which explore and problematize both the conceptual and material infrastructures of music and performance.
Central to their endeavor is the generally unquestioned notion of people sharing "one" space and time at a music performance. In an attempt to dismantle this pseudo-truism, No Collective employ…