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Lygia Fagundes Telles - a delirious and complicated story of feminine affection seen, as one of the friends puts it, in “profile in the misted-over mirror”

Lisa Ciccarello - Vulnerable in the darkness as the dead watch behind salt-lined windows, we are led to explore a world of simple objects through a complex fog of cruelty and longing, strength and feebleness, folklore and familial traditions.

Rosalyn Drexler plunges into the emerging zeitgeist (of the 1970s) with ferocious intelligence & transgressive wit

Mustafa Mutabaruka - an intense tale of personal disintegration and the corrosive power of memory revolving around Ulysses Dove, a young African-American dancer struggling to escape the harrowing images of a past dominated by a brutal father, and a grandfather

Graeme Gibson - the subversive tale of two guilt-ridden young men. Gibson captures both their mortifications and their spirited resistance to all things WASP, themselves included, in stream-of-consciousness prose that is at once fluid, disjointed, and hilarious

Ithell Colquhoun - the combination of obscure medieval occult references with highly lucid automatic writing techniques. At times the reader is in the dark as to whether Colquhoun is describing a stream-of-consciousness piece of surrealist abstraction or incanting a nefarious spell of sorts