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Karin Moe - This is a novel, a hybrid, a text collage, a poem, which disappeared nearly immediately when it was published. It was affected by its “nebulosity, its many digressions and an inventiveness which was on the verge of strangling itself”

Guido Ceronetti trenchantly sifts through the miscellany of fact, legend, folk wisdom, and literary artifice by which cultures past and present have grappled with that most enigmatic of subjects, the human body

Edmund Gosse - 'Father and Son' which has been described as the first psychological biography. "The comedy was superficial and the tragedy essential,"

David R. Bunch - a series of short, narratively deranged, fable-like tales which describe in satirical terms a radically technologized future world where, after a nuclear Holocaust, humans have been transformed into Cyborgs, the surface of the Post-Holocaust world is plastic, and thought and action are both solipsistic and deeply melancholy