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Nikhil Singh guides the adolescent hero Taty through a unique universe of moustachioed wrestlers, a feline voodoo surgeon and marauding Buddhist Punks. Fresh and original fiction from South Africa. ‘A hallucinogenic post-apocalyptic carnival ride’

Ahmad Shamlu - "this is a case of reverse lycanthropy… Shamlu is actually more animal or monster by nature but sometimes believes or pretends that he is human"

Tanja Maljartschuk - With haiku-like precision, Tanja's deceptively simple writing style blends surrealism and magical realism with satirical wit, occasionally outlandish humor and poignant social commentary

Tang Xianzu - He may not have been as prolific as William Shakespeare, and nor is he as internationally renowned, but Tang Xianzu, who, like the Bard, died in 1616., penned four of the most significant works in the Chinese operatic canon