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Yi Sang - Korean dadaist/surrealist: a dark allegory of infidelity and self-deception, probes the ambiguities of perception and language through an unreliable narrator who bears an uncanny resemblance to the author himself

The Future Is Japanese - 13 stories: A web browser that threatens to conquer the world. The longest, loneliest railroad on Earth. A North Korean nuke hitting Tokyo, a hollow asteroid full of automated rice paddies, and a specialist in breaking up “virtual” marriages

Tania Hershman - Flash fiction: We locked him in the Room and then we watched him on our screens. He skipped across the carpet, put his nose up to the window. An airplane flew by and we imagined what he must be thinking

Shi Cheng: Short Stories from Urban China - These tough and bleak tales from China's booming cities show humanity enslaved again by the pursuit of wealth

Julian Hanshaw - A collection of surreal, comic and mournful interweaving tales graphic short stories. It focuses on the lives of a few nomadic souls scattered across three continents