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Dirty: Dirty: An illustrated anthology of 'dirty' writing

Dirty: Dirty: An illustrated anthology of 'dirty' writing. Authored by Debra Di Blasi. Illustrated by Mugi Takei, Jaded Ibis Press, 2013.

"It's pleasant being naked, as swimmer or writer or reader.... Naked's a way of being free, unencumbered by garment or censor. There exists no other way of knowing certain things, or oneself, without stripping away." - from the Preface by Debra Di Blasi, editor

One artist and 54 writers accepted the challenge of creatively defining "dirty" in the 21st Century. Mugi Takei's delicate, profane watercolors position the human body within, on and against nature. While some writers surrendered to play through sexually explicit love poetry, bawdy fiction, threesomes, twosomes, onesomes, and all the delightful fantasies and realities in-between, others suggested genocide to be the real dirt of humanity, or offer sexy, new versions of biblical stories. As an anthology, Dirty : Dirty exhibits …

Carl Abrahamsson - Although described as an “occult sex thriller”, its acid-soaked story is a perfect example of fictional psychedelic literature

Carl Abrahamsson, Mother, Have a Safe Trip,

An occult sex thriller set in an international environment. Unearthed plans and designs stemming from radical inventor Nikola Tesla could solve the world's energy problems. These plans suddenly generate a vortex of interest from various powers. Thrown into this maelstrom of international intrigue is Victor Ritterstadt, a soul searching magician with a mysterious and troubled past. From Berlin, over Macedonia and all the way to Nepal, Ritterstadt sets out on an inner quest. Espionage, love, UFOs, magick, telepathy, conspiracies, LSD and more in this shocking story of a world about to be changed forever. "We haven't really met, ever. Yet you are my mother. As far as I understand, we're both victims of an American psychedelic rock group, America's then in many ways most wanted renegade chemist, a brainwashing Hindu love cult or, who knows, maybe we are living gods? Can you understand why I'm…

Henri Atlan's radical, uncompromising Spinozism allows him to propose a complete revision of cognitive science and philosophy of mind, while showing that their current impasses stem from remnants of traditional dualism

Henri Atlan, The Sparks of Randomness, Volume 1: Spermatic Knowledge. Trans. by Lenn J. Schramm, Stanford UP, 2010.


The Sparks of Randomness, Henri Atlan's magnum opus, develops his whole philosophy with a highly impressive display of knowledge, wisdom, depth, rigor, and intellectual and moral vigor. Atlan founds an ethics adapted to the new power over life that modern scientific knowledge has given us. He holds that the results of science cannot ground any ethical or political truth whatsoever, while human creative activity and the conquest of knowledge are a double-edged sword. This first volume, Spermatic Knowledge, begins with the Talmudic tale about the prophet Jeremiah's creation of a golem, or artificial man. Atlan shows that the Jewish tradition does not demonize man for creating and changing living things—a charge often leveled at promoters of advanced technologies, like biologists, who are accused of "playing God." To the contrary, man is depicted as …

Miguel Hernández - In Miguel’s earthy and wild poetry all the extravagances of color, of perfume, and of the voice of the Spanish Levant came together, with the exuberance and the fragrance of a powerful and virile youth

Miguel Hernández, Miguel Hernández,  Selected and Translated by Don Share. NYRB Poets, 2013. Miguel Hernández is, along with Antonio Machado, Juan Ramón Jiménez, and Federico García Lorca, one of the greatest Spanish poets of the twentieth century. This volume spans the whole of Hernández’s brief writing life, and includes his most celebrated poems, from the early lyrics written in traditional forms, such as the moving elegy Hernández wrote to his friend and mentor Ramon Sijé (one of the most famous elegies ever written in the Spanish language), to the spiritual eroticism of his love poems, and the heart-wrenching, luminous lines written in the trenches of war. Also included in this edition are tributes to Hernández by Federico García Lorca, Pablo Neruda (interviewed by Robert Bly), Rafael Alberti, and Vicente Aleixandre. Pastoral nature, love, and war are recurring themes in Hernández’s poetry, his words a dazzling reminder that force can never defeat spirit, that courag…

Crab Man and Signpost - The book is designed to help anyone who makes, or would like to make, walk-performances or variations on the guided tour: Examine the cracks in your street and the mould on its walls, note its graffiti, collect its detritus, observe how its pavements are used and abused, etc

Crab Man and Signpost [Phil Smith & Simon Persighetti], A Sardine Street Box of Tricks, Triarchy Press, 2012.

A Sardine Street Box of Tricks is a handbook for anyone who wants to make their own 'mis-guided' tour or walk.
Written by 'Crab Man' and 'Signpost' (Phil Smith and Simon Persighetti – both members of Exeter-based Wrights & Sites group), the book is based on the mis-guided 'Tour of Sardine Street' that they created for Queen Street in Exeter during 2011.
The book is designed to help anyone who makes, or would like to make, walk-performances or variations on the guided tour. It describes a range of different approaches and tactics, and illustrates them with examples from their tour of Queen Street. For example:

Wear something that sets you apart and gives others permission to approach you: “Excuse me, what are you supposed to be?”Take a can of abject booze from the street or a momentary juxtaposition of a do…

Cecilia Corrigan - a series of punchlines of non-set up jokes self-avowedly sketchy and 90s, sort of sloppy and bananas poetics: 'Oh look can I get a volunteer to call me ‘the enemy of all things good and holy?'

Cecilia Corrigan, Titanic, Lake Forest College Press, 2014.

WINNER OF THE MADELEINE P. PLONSKER EMERGING WRITERS RESIDENCY PRIZE Cecilia Corrigan’s first book, Titanic, is an epic love poem depicting the eternal gothic romance between man and machine. Titanic’s protagonist is Alan Turing, cracker of codes and father of artificial intelligence. Turing escapes his frustrated love life and tragic death into the safe haven of virtual reality. The setting shifts from Snow White’s forest to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s seminar at Cambridge, amid iMessage chats and appearances by a cast of thrilling guest stars, including Frank O’Hara, Spike and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Julianne Moore’s BMW. Titanic: collide with destiny!

“Cecilia Corrigan’s poems dissolve into the real the way foam laps against a giddy shore or greasepaint becomes part of the skin or the mercurial is denied entrance to the dispensary. Titanic makes whimsy infectious.” —Charles Bernstein

Former television writer Co…