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Ben Lerner & Alexander Kluge - A line from Lerner’s poem “The sky stops painting and turns to criticism” that Kluge was struck by some years ago became the starting point for their first joint book project. Step by step this gave rise to poems, stories, and conversations in which the heavens show their bewitching and threatening qualities

Nicolas Ancion - improbable tale of an intransigent character, heroic in his defiance, who refuses to cast aside mortal existence without knowing why he cannot prolong it indefinitely, who refuses to die just because the rest of humanity has thus far failed to avoid such a fate

Ideas Have No Smell: Three Belgian Surrealist Booklets - The Belgian Surrealists were more radical, rational and imbued with the wit, folly and brevity of everyday life. This is a delightful sampler of three offbeat virtuosos

Chris McCabe playfully reclaims the inventive spirit of the founding text of Modernism; Ulysses. Tracing the same structure as the original, McCabe describes the events of the following day, 17th June 1904. Stephen Dedalus wakes up, hungover, with scores and debts to settle, unaware that Leopold Bloom is waking up in Eccles street with his own plans for him

Nicholas John Turner - a novel unlike any other. With keen intelligence, stylistic flair, and a bold philosophy of literary possibilities, Nicholas John Turner has crafted a globe-spanning, time-bending narrative that throws its own readers into the action and scours the darkest reaches of the human psyche: jealousy, betrayal, duplicity, cowardice, and — above all — vanity.