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Lukáš Tomin - A martyrised allegory of itself, The Doll is like an unredeemed child’s fantasia, replete with its Maldoror-esque gigantism, its symbolic parricides, its incest, its deranged ecstasies, its polymorph obscenity, its sublime and apocalyptic id-like irrationality.

Mark Mayer - An assortment of quirky, intricate stories connected by the theme of the circus. A serial-killer clown drives a group of friends around a small town in search of the most convenient place to murder them. A dead circus elephant is dissected by its caretaker in a desolate town

Christopher Manson - “This is not really a book. This is a building in the shape of a book… a maze.” Beautiful, inspirational, unsolvable

Joseph Perl - Announced as "the first Hebrew novel," this brainy and weighty 1819 tome is in fact a variant version of the traditional Menippean satire: a criticism of the overzealous excesses of conservative Hasidism, in the form of a putative endorsement of its principles