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Javier Moreno - A whole book of poems or an entire novel could be written out of every three sentences from this book, a sequence of sharp, strictly poetic and intelligent concatenations, neither pretentious nor forced. Kubrick, Malkovich, Einstein and everything else

Blume Lempel is a fearless storyteller whose imagination skilfully moves between the realistic and the fantastic, the lyrical and the philosophical. Her subjects like her settings - Paris, Poland, Brooklyn, Tel Aviv, California - range widely

Leopoldo Panero - Not since Lautreamont has the Hispanic world delivered such a haunted portrait of hell, in such refined, articulate style. His work is striking in its originality, and Panero is the only contemporary poet who reaches deep into the human experience and pulls out the entrails regarding the true state of the human condition

José de Piérola - Flowers that grow from light bulbs. Bullets stopped by an iPod. A ship and woman taken apart piece by piece. Encompassing thousands of years, this collection is at once intimate and panoramic. Each story aspires to be an imaginative periscope to see part of our shared human experience from a new angle

Miguel Ángel Bustos - language is both a tool of subjugation and a device to conjure a strange world that transcends the one we only think we know. And like a postcolonial Rimbaud, he repurposes symbols to develop his own: universal, synesthetic, and above all, musical. Polyvocal, intertextual, and hybrid in form, these books span aphoristic fragments, prose poems, lyrical prose chapters, and linguistically experimental free verse

Gamal al-Ghitani - The lamps are a sign of the end of time. They are indications of a world deviating from God's design