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Mario Soldati - A sleek and quite fascinating optical view of the devil in the flesh which is never more than sex in the head

René Crevel - Imagine, if you can, Freud and Proust sitting down for a chat with Zippy the Pinhead and the marquis de Sade. Then, just when things are starting to get a bit silly, in walks Karl Marx with a dead serious face to deliver a vitriolic diatribe

Andrea Giovene - The era of the great aristocratic families has passed and the Sansevero family, besides having lost its role in society, has lost its fortune: Giuliano is destined to revive the family finances. He is unable to shore up the ruins of his dynasty

Tristan Corbière - a "poet maudit". Marked by his use of irony and a distinctive local idiom, Corbiere's work is a cornerstone of modern French poetry, and has been influential to English and American modernists such as Pound and Eliot

Richard Huelsenbeck - his memoirs bring to life the concerns—intellectual, artistic, and political—of the individuals involved in the Dada movement and document the controversies within the movement and in response to it.