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Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz - one of the greatest expressions ever of the tortured intersection of political and personal destinies in Eastern Europe. Futuristic, experimental, and remarkably prophetic

Jesús Moncada - a fantastic compendium of Catalán history as seen through the eyes of one small town, the author’s birthplace.

MLA Chernoff - a fun, volatile compilation of “pomes” inspired by internet culture, flarf, memes, puns, emojis & satire. You’ll find bewildered normies, Mark Zuckerberg, Super Soakers, Gogurt, philosophers driving giant anime robots & the name “Derrida” typed 77 times. Is it a trick? A trap? Is MLA laughing with you or at you? Are you sure? Who knows. Who cares. Delet this.

Joe Frank - Reading radio dramatist Frank's vivid collection of eight short works of fiction is like watching eight people take a wrong turn into a dark and threatening neighborhood

Jeet Thayil catapults you straight into the gloriously bacchanal universe of Newton Francis Xavier, “blocked poet, serial seducer of young women, reformed alcoholic (but only just), philosopher, recluse, all-round wild man and India’s greatest living painter.”