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Sophie Lewis - Rather than making surrogacy illegal or allowing it to continue as is, Lewis argues we should be looking to radically transform it. Surrogates should be put front and center, and their rights to the babies they gestate should be expanded to acknowledge that they are more than mere vessels. In doing so we can break down our assumptions that children necessarily belong to those whose genetics they share.

Aaron Kent - an experimental-verse-novella, inspired by the works of Mark Z Danielewski, Luke Kennard, and Max Porter. It is seperated into 8 different chapters, and narrated by death as he recounts carrying eight different people into the afterlife.

Jeremy Cooper - Ostensibly a nature diary, chronicling the narrator’s interest in the local flora and fauna and the passing of the seasons, Ash before Oak is also the story of a breakdown told slantwise, and of the narrator’s subsequent recovery through his reengagement with the world around him

Anna-Croissant Rust - a cycle of seventeen stories in which mortality is very much present as a destination, indeed as a character.As the title suggests, this is an experiment in form but even more so in style, and the writer fearlessly employs avant-garde techniques that wouldn’t take hold until well into the 20th century, and maintains a tone of piercing intensity throughout