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Sheldon Solomon, Jeff Greenberg, and Tom Pyszczynski - Drawing from innovative experiments conducted around the globe, authors show conclusively that the fear of death and the desire to transcend it inspire us to buy expensive cars, crave fame, put our health at risk, and disguise our animal nature

Drew B. David - This is a work of marginality, of malarkey, as it were. Happy refuse for your darker days

City Primeval. New York, Berlin, Prague - a personal journey through time in each city told by writers, artists and photographers from each city

The Word for World Is Still Forest - we suggest you stray far from paths cut by familiar habits and explore some of the innumerable perspectives on and of the forests that sustain this world.

Naoyuki Ii - A rare work of fiction focused simply on a man of integrity,'The Shadow of a Blue Cat' meticulously renders his life and opinions as Yuki tries to find a middle path between the radicalism of his uncle’s life and the quiet bourgeois home he’s worked so hard to build

James Knight - Set in a surreal totalitarian state populated by spies, vampires, robots and chimpanzees, Mono offers the reader a kaleidoscope of mutating story-lines

Asaf Schurr eloquently plays on the disquieting relationship between friends (or is it victim and bully?), and between the worth of a life lived richly on the interior, versus one lived falsely and loudly in public.

Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv - In future there will exist more and more groups formed by special forces of illness, developing real in-dividuation. A special force of illness is mania which, if developed collectively, works like a musical species killing all discipline, by transcendence