John Douglas Millar examines writing in the context of contemporary art, and its ability to respond to our most pressing issues: the debt economy, global violence, and a redefinition of identity politics, among them. In this important volume, Millar considers how to proceed after a paradigm shift away from the dusty halls of October-generation critique

John Douglas Millar, Brutalist Readings: Essays on Literature, Sternberg Press, 2016.

John Douglas Millar’s Brutalist Readings: Essays on Literature is a significant intervention into recent debates on the place of literature and writing in the context of contemporary art. Featuring essays on the highs and lows of the conceptual turn in poetics, avant-garde literary genealogies, and monographic pieces on Paul B. Preciado, Chris Kraus, and Pierre Guyotat, among others, Brutalist Readings explores the radical histories of writing, as well as its potential now.

In collaboration with Sternberg Press, e-flux conversations is pleased to excerpt "Cages in Search of Birds," the introduction to the second part of Millar's "Brutalist Readings," with responses from Kathryn Elkin, Nick Thurston, and McKenzie Wark.


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