Lauren Hilger - a masterful expose of filmic proportions. In each poem is a film beckoning to be viewed, emotional resonance pulling you in for a full embrace

Lauren Hilger, Lady Be Good, Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016.

Lauren Hilger’s debut is a masterful expose of filmic proportions. In each poem is a film beckoning to be viewed, emotional resonance pulling you in for a full embrace. Lady Be Good is a delight and declares Hilger as an important voice in contemporary poetry.
The Damascus Room
Against the ear a message from one world,
the cold of another, everything lit lurid by
skilled craftsmen. During the day, the escalators keep moving for no one. There remains that list of the last

things in the life of Prince Nikolay Bolkonsky.
Chapter 6 of The Last Tycoon.
Every other page not seen
in the book on display at the museum.

There was a message unmuted,
uninjured, talisman, all ivory hilt,
all of that paper, that manmade
tile, the window.

A seat for everyone— let’s just meet here again.

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