Paul Omeziri - He feels as if he has awoken from a dream into another dream, or fallen asleep into waking life

Paul Omeziri, Descent into Illusions, PublishAmerica, 2002.

"One day Nick Black, a quiet loner who leads a regimented solitary existence, awakes from a dream to find the world changed. He leaps out of his bed frantically, filled with the mysterious sense of something awesome taking shape around him. He feels as if he has awoken from a dream into another dream, or fallen asleep into waking life. Things begin to move without his moving them. Strangers approach him as if they are old friends. Odd notes surface everywhere. The world loses all form of coherence and order. But is there meaning behind this bedlam? Is there an answer to this awesome question surrounding him? Descent into Illusions is a wonderfully erudite study into the nature of consciousness and its connection to things. It is an epic journey through the murky lairs of the human psyche with an ending that will leave you amazed. This book is bound to be a classic of modern literature."


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