Norman Conquest (Derek Pell) - Here you'll find kernels of fact hidden inside an impenetrable shell of steely myth. Each text has been seasoned with artificial ingredients designed to feed a nation at war with itself.

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Norman Conquest, Corn on Macabre & Other Conundrums, Anti-Oedipus Press, 2016.

These nineteen "invasive" fictions were discovered in that part of the brain that is continuous with the spinal cord and comprises the medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain, and parts of the hypothalamus, functioning in the control of reflexes and such essential internal mechanisms as respiration and heartbeat. Here you'll find kernels of fact hidden inside an impenetrable shell of steely myth. Each text has been seasoned with artificial ingredients designed to feed a nation at war with itself. As the author has said, "This war of words is hell!" And who better to hurl transformative hand grenades than Norman Conquest, President and Fondateur of Black Scat Books."

Norman Conquest, The Neglected Works of Norman Conquest, Black Scat Books, 2012.

A collection by a “literary and visual arts prankster”—founder of the international anti-censorship art collective, Beuyscouts of Amerika. This lavish edition includes two scarce early satirical works (“Sartre’s French Phrase Book” and “Interiors: A Book of Very Clean Rooms”) in addition to material published here for the first time.

“Delightfully engaging feast for the eyes as well as the funny bone. A must for all those who are fans of the surreal, the impertinent and the painful truth about art and politics today. Richly illustrated with dynamic collages and eye watering graphics – each page could quite easily be framed and hung in a gallery.” —Kollage Kid (UK)

“Norman Conquest is neglected, as a majority of difficult-to-niche artists are neglected. It is unjust. Conquest is nonpareil here and everywhere. Conquest is richly prolific.” —Harold Jaffe

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Norman Conquest, What Is Art?, JEF Books, 2012.

"WHAT IS ART? is a hilarious scripto-visual Dadaist-Derridean quest to solve the impossible question, 'What is Art?' Using, ironically, anti-art strategies—appropriation, violation, bad puns, found objects, offensive imagery, collage, and re-cycled past works culled from his own repertoire—Norman conquers the detritus of the high and the low in his own special recipe for bricolage. Using his book as a literal potboiler, he chops up and dumps in his ingredients to produce his own unique stew as he simmers over the nature of creative intervention in our wacky (both cruel and comic) world."—James Hugunin

Norman Conquest (a.k.a. Derek Pell) is a writer, satirist and visual artist—the author of over 40 books, including works of experimental fiction, satire, art and nonfiction. His work has appeared in some 300 newspapers and magazines in the U.S. and Europe, including The London Times, L.A. Weekly, Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Interview, Natural History, Fiction International, National Lampoon, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine.


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