S J Fowler - This multi-disciplinary collection is the result of collaborations with over thirty artists, photographers and writers. Diary entries mingle with a partially-redacted email exchange; texts slip and fragment, finding new contexts alongside prints, paintings, diagrams, Rorschach blots, YouTube clips and behind-the-scenes photographs at the museum


S J Fowler, Enemies: selected collaborations, Penned in the Margins, 2013.


SJ Fowler has Enemies. And the Enemies of his Enemies are his friends.
This ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary collection is the result of collaborations with over thirty artists, photographers and writers. Diary entries mingle with a partially-redacted email exchange; texts slip and fragment, finding new contexts alongside prints, paintings, diagrams, Rorschach blots, YouTube clips and behind-the-scenes photographs at the museum.

The Enemies are: Tim Atkins, David Berridge, Cristine Brache, Patrick Coyle, Emily Critchley, Lone Eriksen, Frédéric Forte, Tom Jenks, Samantha Johnson, Alexander Kell, David Kelly, Sarah Kelly, Anatol Knotek, Ilenia Madelaire, Chris McCabe, nick-e melville, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl, Matteo X Patocchi, Claire Potter, Monika Rinck, Sam Riviere, Hannah Silva, Marcus Slease, Ross Sutherland, Ryan Van Winkle, Philip Venables, Sian Williams

 “An overwhelming assault. The geography is unnerving, almost familiar, then stinging in its estrangement. Intensity crackles. Tension teases. At what point does collision become collaboration? When do the bandages come off?” - Iain Sinclair 

recipes ~ S J Fowler

S J Fowler, Recipes, Red Ceilings Press, 2012.

Incredibly, SJ Fowler's recipes turn into poems as soon as you read them: exotic, nonsensical, provocative, furiously funny, but also tender and intimate (in their own way). Don't try this at home. - Frédéric Forte (member of the Oulipo)

SJ Fowler squeezes the lemon and lime and shame all over Pee Wee Herman's full English breakfast. He drops a pineapple in the Virgin Mary's favoured bucket. He has done things you should not cook and done them deliberately with aubergines. He cleaves to the bat and the ruined ape. These are not necessarily bad things. - Tom Jenks

If this is some of what he ate where, then SJcFowler also swallowed Antonin Artaud whole, calmed his stomach with bumblebees and psychedelics instead of milk of magnesia, and then started pogoing. These recipes are in the grand tradition of The FuturistCookbook(offeringchickenfiat; elasticake; simultaneous fruit), and Harry Mathews' famous "Country Cooking" (bludgeoned with an underwater boomerang)-- and provide food for thought for the hungriest of readers. Binge and purge! This little book has completely cured my lactose intolerance. - Dr Tim Atkins (author of "The Atkins Diet")

S J Fowler, Minimum Security Prison Dentistry, Anything Anymore Anywhere Press, 2011.

​​If you think poetry is some sedate pursuit carried out in an ivory tower then you obviously ain't read Steven Fowler. He makes Bukowski look like Billy Childish and Billy Childish look like William MacGonagall! Stewart Home

Imagine a Boys Own Paper landscape with True Crime architecture. Laurence Harvey dodges from building to country trying to evade CCTV whose sound footage runs through Babelfish. The smells are Jack London, the light is Genet and the memories are Edgar Lee Masters. Equally in words is Steven Johannes Fowler's Minimum Security Prison Dentistry: elegant, coldly funny, at times emotional, textured with occasional accidental/intentional solecisms; but getting the work done. Nowadays most pages labelled "poetry" are unreadable and uninteresting: these give hope. Anyone who can name-check Joe Arpaio and Jacky le Mat, and reference the cover-texture of an Anselm Hollo book from the sixties rides my particular range. - Tom Raworth

This could be the worst book you will read this year, the discussion is violence, but really it’s a punch from a cup cake,
using narrative and expressionist syntax. His celebration of where is, has a clipped disgust. - Allen Fisher
Punchy, lyrical, and incandescently inventive, by turns surreal and disarmingly direct, these kaleidoscopic poems enter the house of prison language via the back door and take no hostages. If Captain Beefheart had done St. Quentin, the result might have sounded something like this. - Philip Terry

S J Fowler, Fights, Veer Books, 2011

​​‘... a new beginning and one that is so much the swiftest, the widest, balanced. One hesitates to use the word pure, but’ A dazzling, visceral, proficient, kinetic work. fights runs its combinations in formal excitement and trenchgut force.
Maggie O’Sullivan

Boxing, and boxing language, has inspired poets for hundreds of years and in all sorts of ways. Not daunted by this tradition, Steven Fowler has managed to push its boundaries in an impressively varied collection of poems that finds inspiration both from rhythm and style within the ring and from the wider world that leans on its ropes. Kasia Boddy (author of Boxing: a Cultural History)

New functions for the jaw. Poetic histories from all possible angles, and then some. Its about time boxing - the basis of all sport - was understood from the viewpoint of the poetic mind. Slam it into your mouth and read it out LOUD Sean Bonney


S J Fowler, Red Museum, Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2011.

​A tremendous and persuasive surge of the red and the black: conflicted doctrines, scorched paper. Gothic scripts and plague-year screenplays for an apocalyptic cinema. Death chess. Heretical crusades. Hurt flesh. Fire angels. Madness. A grimoire for a haunted river-city. The poetry lies in the interpretation of malfated woodcuts. It is sinewy, knotted, persistent. And true. - Iain Sinclair

Collaborative books & pamphlets & books-in-boxes:

Estates of Westeros w/ Ben Morris – Like This press - 2013
Gilles de Rais w/ David Kelly – Like This press - 2013
Ways of Describing Cuts w/ Sarah Kelly – Knives forks and spoons press - 2012
Elephanche w/ Marcus Slease– Department press - 2013
Primarchs w/ David Kelly– Bear press - 2012
Saint Augustine of Hippo w/David Kelly – Kitt press - 2010
Animal Husbandry w/ Sian Williams– Kitt press - 2010


Johnny Tapia – Oystercatcher press - 2011
Songs of Salvador Sanchez – Red Ceilings press - 2011
Arthur Abraham – Knives forks and spoons press - 2010
Antonio Margarito – Arthur Shilling press – 2010
Klitschko – Zimzalla - 2010
Poggel Intricate – Writers forum - 2010

Performance art

Everybody's people w/ Dylan Nyoukis & Ben Morris  July 2013 @ Hardy Tree gallery

​​Apologia to St Christopher
July 2013
@ Hardy Tree gallery

​​666 blows, one break
June 2013 @ Openwork

w/ Lisa Samuels
for Toothache Duets  June 2013

EVP Electric Dada: 2  Bristol
May 31st 2013 @ Cube Cinema

​​​EVP Electric Dada: 1  Bristol
May 31st 2013 @ Cube cinema

​​Electronic Voice Phenomena
trailer May 2013

w/ Patrick Coyle  Bristol
April 2013 @ Arnolfini gallery

 w/ Alessandra Eramo  Berlin February 2013 @ The Wortwedding Gallery for Kolonie Wedding

A Journey Through Our Daily Rituals w/ Alessandra Eramo  Berlin & London February 2013 for Feinde @ The Wortwedding Gallery
Martyrdom is the cheap way to Sainthood  w/ Ben Morris  Liverpool October 2012
​​ @ for the Liverpool Biennial via Mercy

We're getting married in the morning  w/ Ben Morris  London May 2012 @ Cafe Oto for Electronic Voice Phenomena via Mercy

A Spy Vanderung inem Vilderness w/ Ben Morris Liverpool November 2011 @ Contemporary Urban Centre for
​​​​Liverpool Music Week via Mercy

Revised Revised Third Dr​​aft w/ Patrick Coyle London October 2011 for Penned in the Margins

Art Gallery Bouncer w/ Patrick Coyle  London September 2011 @ Soho Curzon



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