Szilvia Molnar - a dark tale about love, betrayal, dreaming, sex, airports, and office tension

Szilvia Molnar, Soft Split, Future Tense, 2016.

Soft Split is a dark tale about love, betrayal, dreaming, sex, airports, and office tension. Szilvia Molnar is a fearless fictional deviant.

“With its red parrots, illicit sexual encounters, and a former lover named Blondie, Szilvia Molnar’s Soft Split is a welcome contribution to the library of dreams, wet and not.”Sjón

“If Georges Bataille had found a feral child and left her with Miranda July and Emmanuel Carrère to raise, the little girl may have grown up to sound exactly like Szilvia Molnar, whose Soft Split has the mannered depravity and whimsical uber-feminist pervdom we’ve come to expect from these giants of the genre.”Jerry Stahl

“In 30 pages I have counted 8 orgasms and I wasn’t ashamed of any of them, there are probably more, the text is too good to concentrate on counting orgasms… Soft Split is loud & cheeky, relentlessly emotional, without a will to sentimentalize, what a generous bluntness in words & contex, what a vulnerable I in every circumstance.“ —Saša Stanišić

“Filthy, gorgeous, funny, strange—a dark little journey through someone else’s dream.”—Jonathan Lee

A Conversation with Szilvia Molnar on 'Soft Split' & Psychosexual Dreams


Professor Past and Professor Present, THE CHAPESS ZINE #7 (UK), April 2015 [poems]
Escenarios alternativos para amantes* {Alternative Scenarios For Lovers}, The Buenos Aires Review, April 2015 [short story] 
Professor2, Two Serious Ladies, November 2014 [poem]
Have at it, Electric Cereal, September 2014 [poem]
Alternative Scenarios For Lovers, Little Brother #4 (Canada), June 2014 [short story] 
*translated by Miguel Muñoz 
**translated by Ursel Allenstein
The alt-lit names to look out for in 2016” in Dazed Digital by Lucy K Shaw
Interview in PDXX Collective by Tabitha Blankenbiller
Interview in Luna Luna Magazine by Meredith Alling
Interview in The Rejectionist by Sarah McCarry
Interview in The Believer Logger by Shane Jones

Szilvia Molnar’s prose and poetry have been published in Two Serious Ladies, Electric Cereal, Little Brother, and The Buenos Aires Review, among others. Her artwork has been published by Girls Get Busy, Flavorwire, Jezebel and Icon – El Pais. Born in Budapest and raised in Sweden, Szilvia now lives in Brooklyn, New York.