James Knight - Set in a surreal totalitarian state populated by spies, vampires, robots and chimpanzees, Mono offers the reader a kaleidoscope of mutating story-lines

James Knight, Mono, Cipher Books, 2015.
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Set in a surreal totalitarian state populated by spies, vampires, robots and chimpanzees, Mono offers the reader a kaleidoscope of mutating story-lines. Eve is abducted and imprisoned in a subterranean compound. The sinister Mirrors inject readymade dreams into the minds of citizens. Dr Mort brings extinct animals back to life. Serge plots the assassination of a dictator... Binding all the strands together is the portrait of a writer who is desperate to expose the truth about the bleak world in which he lives, but who cannot distinguish between memories, fantasies and dreams.
Accompanied by sixty monochrome illustrations and written in Knight's characteristically terse, darkly humorous style, Mono is perhaps best described as an entertaining nightmare.

The mannequins are more real than you                   
The mannequins are more real than youBy James Knight
"Sometimes the mannequins get behind my eyes I feel them tugging the strings of my nerves playing with my mechanisms They make themselves at home in the lumber room of my skull.." James... More > Knight's latest collection of poems and prose poems takes the reader to the other side of the mirror, where the Bird King reigns and mannequins are more real than people.                            
The Mannequin                    
The MannequinBy James Knight, Susan Omand
A coffin or cocoon, a hollow container. To avoid disappointment, don't expect to find a fleshy thing pulsating inside. On Valentine's Day it's common practice to express amorous feelings by sending the object of one's desire a greeting card, depicting an internal organ, skewered on a sharp implement. So much for romance. Knock knock. Who's there? No one, just a voice, echoing grandly.                             
The Madness of the Bird King                    
The Madness of the Bird KingBy James Knight, Diana Probst
"A brilliant piece of work." Jeff Noon, author of Vurt, Falling Out of Cars & The Automated Alice The Bird King is mad again. He caws through empty midnight streets, moulting tar-black feathers. James Knight's poetic account of the weird world of the Bird King is accompanied by Diana Probst's beautiful, unsettling watercolour illustrations, rendered here in full colour. Look the Bird King in the eye, see into the clunking clockwork of his dark heart.                            
In the Dark Room (full colour edition)                    
In the Dark Room (full colour edition)By James Knight
"The mannequins are here again. I can feel them throbbing in my ears. They’re standing around in the kitchen, impassive as stone. But inside they’re laughing. I’m not getting out of bed for them, not this time." In the Dark Room is a surreal novella written and illustrated by James Knight, author of Head Traumas. The story is narrated by a bedridden man who finds himself besieged by memories, fantasies and the mannequins at the bottom of the stairs. Knight's combination of words and pictures invites us into a strange yet familiar world, governed by the logic of a dream. This special edition includes 40 full colour "oneirographs", Knight's trademark dream pictures.

Head Traumas Head Traumas By James Knight                                               

13 13 By James Knight, Diana Probst                                              

Mr Punch Dreams Mr Punch Dreams By James Knight, Maxim Peter Griffin