Drew B. David - This is a work of marginality, of malarkey, as it were. Happy refuse for your darker days

The Toilet Reading Remixes 1
Drew B. David, The Toilet Reading Remixes 1, A Wanton Text Production, 2017. 
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This is a work of marginality, of malarkey, as it were. Happy refuse for your darker days. It is, however, hoped to be read and studied and lauded, unlike the works of the High Conceptualists, whose works, according to them, are destined for the unholy ash heaps. This book is intended only for toilet reading. After all, we do our best reading on the can.

The Salad Rhapsodies
Drew B. David, The Salad Rhapsodies Vol.1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, A Wanton Text Production, 2016-2017.

read Vol. 3 here

A semi-long visual/pattern/concrete poem by Drew B David, crafted expressly for millennial tastes. Is Dada dead, or has it been mysteriously resurrected, in a new, nefarious iteration? You decide.

The Fiddle-Faddle Songs: An Experiment in Intermedia
Drew B. David, The Fiddle-Faddle Songs: An Experiment in Intermedia,  A Wanton Text Production, 2017.


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